Chess News

  • Pick a player, almost any player

    I enjoy reading game collections of great players, especially if the player themselves is the […]

  • Complexity

    The other day I saw an interesting description of games like chess, in terms of complexity levels. […]

  • The big set

    Good news for Canberra chess players who are wondering when the giant chess set in Garema Place is […]

  • Chennis

    The 2019 FIDE Grand Prix series is underway, with the first event currently taking place in Moscow. […]

  • The Benefits of 1. e4

    At some point during my lectures about the opening, beginning students ask me what the best first […]

  • Girls Power 2019

    “Everyone has the impulse to be elite” Alfre Woodard This 4th edition of our […]

  • Sharp Endings

    I had an interesting game the other day in which both players had dangerous passed pawns in the […]

  • Chess and Addiction

    I teach chess to a variety of people, both young and old. I teach chess privately, in schools, in […]

  • More Anniversaries

    Yesterday I celebrated another anniversary, and a pretty big one this time: the thirtieth […]

  • One Year On

    Although I recently had a small reminder of the value of humility, today I’m going to soldier […]

  • When Is It Okay to Resign?

    Last week I was talking with one of the chess parents at the Aptos Library Chess Club, and she […]

  • Agony Sunday!

    As I mentioned a few days ago, Jonathan Speelman’s Agony column at featured two […]

  • Music

    ‘Music seems to me one of the few things (like chess) which really last through life, and […]

  • Vladimir Putin Doesn’t Play Chess

    ‘. . . Hillary Clinton asserted that Donald Trump is “playing checkers and Putin […]

  • For the Ladies

    Second prize Bobby Fischer oven gloves See also Two Brains Women Prefer Bridge &nbs […]

  • Samuel Beckett’s Chess Library

    Playwright Samuel Beckett’s interest in chess is well known, but what did he read about the […]